Cards Against Humanity – For Sale

We love playing cards against humanity and with so many versions we have set up this special page just for this game. Audience members pitch their cards that make sense for the game. The player whose card was selected will receive one point. The first player who reaches the most points is the winner.


Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is more fun when you are inappropriate and awkward and laugh at taboo subjects and be amazed at what is funny. Get to know somebody …

Cards Against Humanity – Absurd box 

Have an absurd box for an absurd game

Cards Against Humanity – Blue Box

Card Against Humanity – Blue Box 

Cards Against Humanity – Green Box

Another extension

Cards Against Humanity – red box

Cards Against Humanity – red box – another extension

What started as a group of eight college guys trying to make Hitler and other inappropriate jokes has turned into a great game. For most games we say it is for all the family but for this one there are definately some cards that you won’t want to play with young kids and even with 15 year olds there are some very cringy moments. Most 15 year olds will like it but we are putting on a cautious note and say ot should only be for those who are 18.